The Park
The Elias Adventure Park has been created in a unique and protected setting, immersed in nature on the slopes of the immense Brento wall, an ascetic destination for base jumpers and climbers from all over the world. It is a place of tranquillity and relaxation that extends over one and a half hectares. Surrounded by the Sarca river and the Marocche path, the adventure park is recognisable by the woodcarver’s house that can be seen on the bend halfway between the characteristic villages of Dro and Pietramurata.

Elias is also easily accessible by bicycle and has ample parking facilities. Its proximity to the biotope makes it a perfect combination of nature and sport, while the presence of artistic sites and numerous lakes make it an ideal destination for young and old alike.

It is the first adventure park of its kind to use the innovative LVC ‚continuous life‘ system on rocks in the junior course: a safety system that is activated at the start of the course and keeps the participant attached and safe until the end.


Località Gaggiolo, 2
38074 Dro/Pietramurata (TN)

Parcheggio anche presso la casa dello scultore Holzschnitzer.





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